Ghost and Spirits


ets start with the common misconceptions about what Ghosts and Spirits are. Many people believe that ghosts and spirits are the same thing, and in popular culture and Hollywood myth this may well be so, but in some occult and spiritual knowledge there is a difference. Many will refuse to accept this knowledge because its so deeply imbedded into their minds to believe that a ghost is just another word for a spirit, because of story books that we have had read to us when children, or because of our love of popular entertainment, and how they portray ghosts and spirits as one and the same.


A 'ghost' is something that is a replay of an event that might have happened in the past, it could be a train crash, someone walking down a corridor, or a horse and carriage thundering down a deserted road. Ghosts are apparitions of past events that the surrounding location has recorded into itself, that later, when the atmosphere is right will replay itself, like a video tape. Its said that many materials can record such energies of past events, such as stone and even water. This kind of phenomena in the occult and paranormal is often referred to as the 'Stone tape theory' meaning that stone and other materials have energy absorbing qualities that are still unknown to modern science. Many of the sightings of ghosts, such as a grieving women wondering down a hallway of an old castle, or an angry religious monk seen walking the ruins of an old abbey are not always conscious spirits or the souls of the once living, as most souls would have long since moved on. Many of these apparitions are nothing more than emotional energies of people or events once housed there in times gone by, its often called 'residual energy' caused by strong emotional trauma of powerful tragic events that have left a residual footprint or stain onto the environment that it happened in, which as caused it self to be replayed at a later date.

Above a famous photo of a ghost taken in the 1930s

So not all apparitions in old buildings and locations are the souls of the dead, many are just memories of times gone by. Its often not as hard as some may think to distinguish between a residual memory type of ghost and a conscious spirit. The conscious spirit will actively take notice of its surroundings and those living within it. A residual type of ghost or apparition will ignore its surroundings and pay no attention to anyone observing it, its unaware, because it is not a thinking entity, it is not conscious of it self, or of anyone else, its just a recording of a past event or action.

There is also something known as an “anniversary apparition” where ghosts are seen at specific times, such as on the anniversary of someone’s death, or the anniversary of something tragic that might of happened. As an example someone might have been killed in a car crash on a certain stretch of road on a certain date, and each year at exactly the same spot, time and date, the crash may well be seen or heard replaying itself, or even the apparition of the person killed in the accident may also be witnessed. This kind of thing is also strongly connected to the residual type of phenomena.


A 'spirit'  is the soul of someone, both human or animal that  might have died, its the thought and emotions of the higher-self and in some cases the lower-self. Most conscious spirits will not stay around on the earth plain for long, and will eventually, if not straight away, move onto the next level or reality suited to them, what ever that may be. However some ignorant lost and troubled souls can remain earth-bound for a time until they have realised what has happened to them, or admitted to themselves the reality of their situation, or finally let go of their earthly needs and way of thinking. Many may remain somewhere because they still feel ownership to physical things, such as a house, or estate, or even person. Sometimes the spirit seen or felt on earth could quite simply be the souls of loved ones checking up on their still living family, and visiting the ones they still care about, to love and to guide them. Or perhaps just to visit someplace they once lived and hold dear memories of.

The reason why so many figures of monks and nuns can be seen as spirits in haunted places could be for the reason of the stone tape theory as stated above, or as some believe could be that many people in life of a religious nature may well have been taught such things as punishment in a fiery hell for sin, or because of a belief in a wrathful God, so when they died became fearful of moving on, because of the worry that they might be cast into hell to burn forever, so find it safer to remain wandering the earth rather than risk crossing over completely risking eternal damnation. In a sense they are souls that have become victims of their own fear and dogmatic based belief system. Fear is often said to paralyze the soul and feed the "darkside", so for many who lived their lives with a fear of God, and in many cases Satan, I am sure the same is true in death in some extreme cases.

All souls or spirits will eventually move on once they lose their fear of themselves, and their own prison of fear, that became their own self-made 'hell on earth'. 

Some disagree that some spirits on the earth can be good, and believe that all spirits on earth are demons and devils, which is simply not true. Human spirits can be both good or negative, just like the living can be good or negative. If someone in life was good then the same can be said about their soul after death, and the same applies to those who do negative and harmful acts.

Famous Hauntings

The Enfield Poltergeist London England

In 1977/78 in a council house in Enfield London in the UK, an investigation was conducted by the now passed over parapsychologist Maurice Grosse. He was one of a dieing few of genuine honest paranormal investigators. He was investigating claims by the Hodgson family that their house was haunted by a malevolent poltergeist.

Much of the Enfield case was caught on stills camera and audio equipment, where levitation of the children and objects in the room were levitated, strange voices were also heard coming from one of the children . The entity even viciously attacked one of the young girls that the spirit seemed to target the most, she was 11 year old Janet Hodgson, the daughter of Peggy Hodgson. They apparently contacted the spirit though Janet when she started talking with a mans harsh rough voice, the man claimed to be someone called 'Bill' that had died in the house some years earlier, and was buried in a local cemetery (which was later confirmed). Other voices were heard coming from Janet’s voice box that were normally abusive and aggressive. Writing appeared on the walls also, one saying "I am Fred" Whether it was the spirit 'Fred' who did the writing, or the girl herself is up for debate.

Some suggest that Janet was cleverly making the voices, but a voice and speech expert concluded that the girl could in no way mimic such a deep and harsh sound, as her voice box was not even fully formed yet.

A news reporter from the Daily Mirror newspaper came to the house to report the story, he was sceptical, and treated the case with humour and did not believe it was happening, and was just looking for a cheap and cheerful story to further his career. After a night at the house with no activity, the reporter was getting ready to go home, as he began to leave packing away his things he apparently made a comment on how all this stuff was hokum, as he said that, a small child’s toy car on the floor along with a small marble was flung, with no one near it, from the floor and at the reporters head, the reporter was said to then go white and hurried out of the room and house in a frightened manner, for some reason or another the reporter never printed the article or commented on it again.

The Hodgson family suffered not only from the unexplained torments of poltergeist activity, but from their neighbours bullying them, by throwing stones through their windows and shouting abusive comments such as “witches” and “weirdoes” because of all the strange media reports of their haunted house.

Eventually the family moved out of their home and into another. The events stopped and the family slowly put their lives back together.

The Enfield Poltergeist photos and Pictures

Above Janet being levitated

Above a curtain being twisted up, caught by stills camera, the curtain was said to try and strangle the girl.

The Carla Moran Incubus

Most reading this I am sure have seen the movie The Entity. The story of Carla Moran, a women apparently haunted and repeatedly raped by an Incubus Demon. The movie it self is not how the original case happened. For instance the ending where they trapped the demon in liquid ice never really happened, it was added for dramatic effect.

However in 1974 a women named Carlotta Moran was living with her sons and daughter in California USA, when quite suddenly an unseen entity that was said to smell foul like rotting meat would physically attack Carla and even rape her in her bed and sometimes in front of her sons and daughter, sometimes she reported that two smaller entities were also present that helped hold her down. Not surprisingly anyone she told about the attack believed she was crazy and inflicting the bruises on her self, especially the Dr she was sent to see.

But two DR's Barry Taff and Kerry Gaynor both Parapsychologists took her claims more seriously and agreed to investigate the Moran household, while there, they took some Polaroid photos of Carla's bedroom, in which appeared strange figures and lights, but when the photos were developed the pictures were nearly always blank. Fascinated the Parapsychologists decided to help Carla with her unexplained goings on.

Above a photo of Carlotta "Carla" and some light arches.

Over time they caught some more promising photos, one of a the strange lights often seen in the room. The Dr's also saw shadowy figures walking in and out of the rooms that Carla's eldest son had also witnessed. The eldest son had also been harmed by the spirit one evening when trying to defend his mother from yet another attack.

Soon after Carla and her sons moved out of the home and away apparently to Texas where the attacks slowly decreased and become less frequent.

As to what the entities could have been many opinions have been formed, one was that it was the spirit of an ex-boyfriend of Carla’s, who was abusive and an alcoholic that had died a few years previously. Another is that it was an ancient Incubus demon, demons that are said to rape women while they sleep.

Above the movie "The Entity"

No one today knows where Carla is, or who she really is, as after she moved to Texas she wanted to be left alone and went under a different name so no one really knows if she is now dead or alive, but some women have come forward on TV chat shows claiming to be Carla, but all were dismissed as hoaxers. Some even claim she never existed, but this would not make sense being there are photos, documentation, and notes on the case that the psychologists still claim to be the truth.

Great Windsor Park - Herne The Hunter Haunting

Windsor Castle is famous for its ghosts, but you do not hear much about ghosts seen within the grounds and forests itself, known as Great Windsor park.

It is said that the ghostly figure of a hunter on horseback can be seen racing through the grounds with a team of huntsmen tagging along behind him with hounds in a full frenzy.

The legend goes that Herne was one of Richard II's hunts men who hanged himself from one of the great oaks after he was dismissed from his post.

In 1976 a guard was found on the Windsor grounds unconscious, apparently from fright, when he came around he said that he had come face to face with a terrifying spirit of a man on a horse, dressed in full huntsman gear, and was wearing the mask of a stag along with antlers. his description was identical of Herne that had been seen on the ground for a few hundred years.

Herne had also been seen hanging from the oak tree, it is also said that Queen Victoria also used wood from the tree in her fire after the tree was cut down in 1863, in the belief it would stop the haunting, but it did no such thing.

Another story goes that Herne is doomed to haunt the grounds because he once escaped death with the help of a black magician, so now has to stay trapped hunting this vast park.

The most likely legend comes from the belief in the ancient Celtic Pagan God, known as Herne, he is symbolised as being half man half stag, representing mankind’s connection to nature and animal.

Above the ancient Celtic God Herne sometimes known as Cernunnos.

The Banshee - Celtic Death Messenger

Sometimes called the propheser of death, the Banshee is an ancient Celtic legend of a ghostly figure told to foretell peoples deaths with a blood curdling scream that is said to echo across the dark of winter. The female spirit wonders the cold countryside of Scotland, Wales, England, and Ireland just waiting to be the messenger of death to the next human soul ready to cross over into the unknown realm of spirit.

Know also as the "bean-nighe" in Scotland, The Banshee often seenas a women is feared above any other legend that is known in the realms of the supernatural. Other names include bean-si, sidhe, bean chaointe, keener, badhb, and bogey. Note the "she" in Ban-she-e

The banshee is said to be a solitary creature, often delighting in its ability to surprise the unsuspecting night traveller. Another Christian belief of what the Banshee may be is a devil or demon that wails when a soul ascends to heaven, apparently in grief because of losing one for itself to take to hell.

The Banshee can also be connected to the British legend that the howl of a dog can foretell its owners death. Another belief is the banshee is the spirit of a loved one that is ready to welcome the soul of a soon to depart family member over to the spirit world.

Sightings of this terrifying spirit have indicated that the Banshee always has blonde or white long hair, that flows as if being slowly blown by the wind even on still and clam nights. She is said to wear a long white country dress that seems to almost be alive.

She is believed to make a fluttering sound as she walks like that of a bird, so will come as no surprise that some believe she can transform into that of a Crow, which also has given her the connection to the Celtic Goddess Badb.

The Banshee doesn’t have a male counterpart, although some would argue that her male equivalent is that of the Grim Reaper, or Death him self.

No matter what belief one might have on the banshee, it always Revolves around death, and is a frightening experience to anyone who may come across her, or worse still, hear her hideous wails in the dead of night.


Despite what some might want you to believe, demonic hauntings are extremely rare on the earth plane, as it is not their natural state of being, they dwell in darkness and void, and can not sustain them selves in an existence so unnatural to them such as the physical plain. Many negative hauntings that some believe are demonic and demons plaguing their house, are often just negative and bitter human souls who were bad in life and have continued on with their negative ways in death.

Negative and scary hauntings can often be the result of no spirit or demon whatsoever, but the result of an individual living person themselves. It is believed by many that people who hold in feelings of suppressed emotional events that might have happened to them from coming out, which can build up a dark and oppressive energy within the mindof the sufferer, which can result in some very scary and strange phenomena happening, such as apparent poltergeist activity, and Telekinesis, nightmares, and the feeling of being taken over, or a foreboding feeling of someone watching them. Many negative hauntings have been resolved by one of the people living in the location realizing their own suppressed and hidden fears and emotions they might have kept at the back of their subconscious mind, and then dealing with them emotional problems in a positive way, and venting them in a way that doesn’t harm others. The core of many hauntings can be in some cases the the dark energy coming from the emotions of those living there.

If in the rare event a demon is haunting someone or a place, its good to recognise that demons are not the horned hooved devils of the bible or Torah, they are non human entities that have been born into existence by the actions of other human beings, by such negative things as war, murder, rape and other actions which caused negative emotions, such as fear, hate, intolerance, and envy, amongst others. Well that’s a common belief amongst Occultists.

Incubus - Succubus Demons

If anyone is interested in medieval folklore and culture you would have heard of the widely accepted belief in demons that rape the living in their sleep. The male Demon is known as the Incubus that is said to rape women, (seen in the movie The Entity) and the female Demon is known as the Succubus, that is said to rape men in there sleep.

Above the Incubus

It was believed by superstitious religious people in the west, and still in today’s society, that the male demon would sit on top of women while they sleep to impregnate them with their demonic seed creating their offspring known as the incubi, the female version is said to do the same thing only to be impregnated themselves.

People were sometimes left withdrawn and low in energy after an attack, even in some cases dead, as if the demons would suck the life out of them.

The Succubus can also be linked with the ancient belief in Lilith in the time of Babylonia, a female Demon also seen as a type of promiscuous vampire.

Many of the reports of the Succubus can be connected to a "Old Hag attack" where people wake in the middle of the night and see an entity in their room, or sitting on their chests, which is that of a haggard old lady almost "witch like", they often cant move and the experience is always a terrifying one. Many people believe this to be that of sleep Paralysis, a sleep disorder and nothing supernatural at all.

One famous case of an Incubi is that of Merlin, it was said he had magical powers because he was the result of this unholy sexual relationship between the living and the demonic, although this is more than likely untrue being it was spouted by Christian writers trying to demonise Paganism as something evil.

Many monks and other fellow with deep religious beliefs claimed to be attacked by these female Succubus at night, which was more likely honry monks blaming demons for there "unholy" sexual thoughts, so blaming an invisible entity was easier than admitting that they had the horn.

Demons in the Occult

Many Occultists and people of a spiritual nature don’t see demons as fallen angels, but dark energy forms that have been created by the actions and thoughts of evil and negative human beings on earth, that came from people who lived their lives through fear and anger, often via dark rituals, which then manifests its self into the astral world, which in most cases will just be absorbed into the astral, but in rare cases will become strong enough and will form its own consciousness and become a thinking aware being.

These demons can occasionally (very occasionally) effect a place or building, if they are powerful enough. These demons are often called "Demonic thought forms" or "Astral Larvae" and even perhaps wrongly "Elementals". In far eastern beliefs, these are often referred to as Tulpa, and can be created accidentally or by will.

Its because of these demonic energies that some places can have these problems, which have witnessed murder and other traumatic events or dark rituals, as these energies can linger in the place they happened, and sometimes cause what some may know as a demonic nonhuman haunting. Its why many places that have seen murder and wars seem to have a strange "aura", and supernatural things happening in or around them.

Science has proven that everything is energy, and that energy can not be destroyed.

Think of something tragic happening like a mass murder, think of all that hate, anger, fear and suffering that went on within the walls or the land it took place, think of that as energy, negative energy that doesn’t just vanish into nothing. It lingers over time, and can even become powerful enough to become conscious of its self, and become thinking, and can feed on other energies around it by attaching it self to someone, causing them people to become what others might call “psychic vampires”.

Most negative energy is absorbed into the astral, but sometimes as just said, it can be strong enough to be self aware, and will act in the way its nature is, and because it came from an event such as murder, it is going to be evil and negative in nature.

They cant be reasoned with, or bargained with, as they don’t think like humans, they are simply a pure negative source of energy, that is being what it was created as. And the only way they can be dealt with is by cutting of its life force that allows it to remain in this world. The energy it requires to live here is fear and hate, people in hauntings often fear what is in their home or become angry, so unwittingly help feed the evil entity that is there.

There are many stories of the people in a haunted house where an evil entity exists standing up to the negative entity and refusing to fear it anymore, and the problem vanished literally over night.

How many times have you walked into a room where a harsh argument had just taken place, and you could feel the atmosphere? And felt somehow uncomfortable, and could cut the atmosphere with a knife? Or have you ever walked into a room when everyone is having fun and are happy and you feel the positive atmosphere and feel comfortable? Well its this kind of energy I am talking about. Its comes from us living people so its important to live life with good and positive emotions and stop doing the things that might cause evil to manifest. We make our own demons, and we and we alone are responsible for them.

Techniques for protection against negative energies and these demonic beings will follow later in this article.

Time Slips and other dimensions

Anyone interested in quantum mechanics/physics will have an interest in time slips that could explain some sightings of what some perceive as ghosts or spirits.

Many people believe that there are infinite dimensions running right along side our own one that me and you are now conscious of and living in. which would mean that your life 10 years ago and 10 years in the future are being lived out as you read this. This is not just some crack pot theory that "new agers" believe, the science of quantum physics (although a new one) is now recognising that this could in fact be more than possible.

This possibility in mind causes some strange and surreal concepts to be contemplated.

If there are an infinite amount of dimensions of realities/universes being played out along side our current one, what does this say about our understanding of time and space? And even more strange of a dilemma is does this mean that there is more than one of me/I in existent, as another me/I is living a life in another time once lived, or is yet to be lived by the now you, so theoretically there is more than one of me and you, only in a time and space that is different to the one I am consciously aware of. This is mind-boggling stuff and not an easy concept to grasp, but certain phenomena that has happened to people, and still happens to people, suggests that these things are in fact real.

The brilliant book called "Beyond the Occult" by Colin Wilson talks about this kind of thing, and it explains this in a symbolic way to better understand the oddness of this theory. It states that all our indervidual lives are like a long film strip that belongs to our higher self, like that you see in a video projector, and all them individual cells on that strip of film are our lives constantly running, being played out onto a screen, but each picture symbolizing each individual existence of ourselves which is unaware of the wholeness of the film being played out on the screen, and are unaware of the picture cell before it, and unaware of the one behind it, so we are unaware of the bigger picture being played out, and unaware of the lives behind the now, and the ones in front of the now. And its only our higher self, or God like self that can see and experience all the existences in all time and space at one time, that the individual ignorant me and you cant understand. Meaning that through you and all the other lives being lived out in the past, now, and the future, there is a higher you that is living and experiencing them all at once/infinity, a higher you that the ‘now you’ is not yet aware of.

This idea is so strange it even brings into doubt that we die at all, because if there are infinite dimensions of which we also live in different times, when we die in this time/dimension at a later date, are we really dead and did we really die? Being there are other us's living still in physical space, in different time zones? Or did you die yesterday in one of them time dimensions, or are you going to die tomorrow in another?

A story that grabbed my attention, was the following story.

A middle aged couple left for church one Sunday morning in a sleepy English village, in the mid 1980s, and when they turned up to church it all seemed normal, a few cars out side, and the birds tweeting, they went into the church and no one was inside as there normally would be, and everything seemed strange somehow, like it looked cleaner and newer, they walked back out and noticed all the cars had gone and the outside now looked strange somehow and the birds had hushed to a silence, they walked around the back of the church to find the vicar, and could not find anyone. They then heard voices coming from down a path way, they looked and saw two men a young man around 19 or 20 and a older man around 50 or 60 chopping down the brambles on the side of the path, they were dressed in olden style attire, (later agreed to be the style of the early 1800s), the couple asked the two men if church had been cancelled, the men now looking as confused as the couple said “its Monday there is no church today“, and asked why the couple were wearing such strange clothing, now freaked out and scared the couple left and walked back into the church to pray, after some time of doing so they agreed to go home, but when they walked outside the church the cars were there and everything seemed normal and people were just arriving for church, they looked back to see people were also now in the church, and the birds were now singing, confused they went home, they told a few people but were looked upon as odd, so they kept quite, the following day the husband went back to the church and looked at the path the man and boy were seen at, and it was completely overgrown and had not been used for decades. After some time it was some what forgotten, and life went on.

The couple later retired and the man took up amateur history and was later asked to be the town historian and to write a book about the village they lived in, in which the experience had happened. Whilst researching his book he found a strange tail about the village church about how a father and his son in the early 1800s were pruning back some of the bushes, when a strange couple came from behind the trees from the back of the church and asked about the church being closed, and the man and son had described the strange clothes the couple had worn, when they then suddenly turned and vanished into thin air, and the story was reported as a ghost story.

It is also interesting to add in relation to this story, that churches were often built on ancient Pagan sites of worship that many believe were built on powerful leylines, that were said to be portals to the spirit world or other dimensions, could the church in that story be connected to this possibility?

There are many stories like this one, and it makes you wonder about how time and space really work, and if its as black and white as we would like to think it is!!!

Light protection and meditation Techniques

I do light protection when I am in the bath, I know its a little girly (if your a guy), but it always makes me feel better after, like more energized.

One thing to recognise before you do it, is to understand what consciousness is, our consciousness is pure spirit, and one of the highest forms of consciousness is faith (not blind faith like in religious mythology) but faith in the power of belief, and mind over matter, and if you really believe something strong enough that belief can become powerful enough to manifest into reality. Think of everything on the earth that has been created or built by man, all of it was first started by a thought in the mind, and then the belief of it being possible, it works on the physical and on the spiritual/mental. There are obviously both negative and positive thoughts and both can manifest as there nature, so light meditation/visualisation is a good way of learning how to focus on the positive.

I light some candles in a hot (but not to hot bath) with some lavender incense, close my eyes and relax, when I am as relaxed as I can be without falling asleep, I start to imagine and concentrate (but not concentrate to hard that its stressful) my body filling up with pure white and golden light starting from my heart and outwards, and radiating outwards, and circling me in a bubble of light, the more you imagine its there the more effective it will be, and the more you believe it as being there the more it will work for you. Imagine this light to be the pure light of spirit, or Jesus or what ever thought brings you comfort, maybe the love of a loved one that’s passed over, remember how it felt when in love and try and feel that feeling surrounding you and protecting you. While doing this, when you breath in imagine the light flooding in your body and down to your feet, and when you breath out imagine dark and black mist being breathed out and out of the bubble of light, imagine the light as loads of spikes around the bubble that pierce the dark mist, and the darkness is repelled by the light and cant get through the light, be 100% that the dark matter cant come near you. As much as you can, imagine times you have had of your past such as fond memories, and times when you were at your most happy.

This might all sound strange and odd and silly, but after you have mastered this and can do it confidently without trying, its great, its also said to help some folk with depression.

By Barry Stevens (Faeden)

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