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Paranormal Tavern is based in Hampshire in the UK. It covers all aspects of the Paranormal and supernatural, including Hauntings, Ghosts, The Occult, UFO's, Spirituality, Cryptozoology, Shadow People AKA Shadowers, and information on haunted locations around the UK, including Cambridge and Basingstoke in Hampshire, and much more.

It also includes Paranormal and Ghost Webcams (NEW) Paranormal Videos(NEW) Paranormal Stories, Paranormal Photos(NEW) and Forum Discussion & News. And now a Free Paranormal Chat room for members.

Other individual subjects found within the site on its various pages are; The Highgate Vampire, Bigfoot, The Chupacabra, Mothman, The History Of Hallowe'en The LochNess Monster, UFO sightings, The Roswell case, The Rendlesham Forest incident, Crop circles, Will o' the Wisp - Earth Lights, Alien Abductions, Travis Walton, PC Alan Godfrey, Banshee, The Wicker Man Spring Heeled Jack, The Dover Demon, Alien Races, The Spirit and Soul, Demons and Evil Spirits, Forms of Paganism, Magick, Light protection and meditation Techniques, Time Slips and other dimensions, John Dee, The Pentagram (Pentacle), The Supernatural Moon, Shapeshifting, Railway Ghosts and Ghost Trains , Skeptics, Orbs and other photo anomalies.

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